The main problems which businesses face is that you, the enterpreneur, have some fabulous ideas which are value adding, in some cases life changing, but you just aren’t monetising your business to its full potential.
So you give your awesomeness away, then you worry, then you start questioning yourself and wonder how you can ever make money from that awesomeness of yours.
So then you start researching how to make improvements.
And you get sucked into what I call the “woo-woo”.
And then wonder why the manifesting, the journaling and the visualisations aren’t working for you.

Frustrating isn’t it?

It’s because they aren’t tangible and proven ways to help business growth.

  • Multiple income streams will
  • Taking your service into a different market will
  • Using a niche to generate high margin sales will

I work with these sorts of tangibles.
Methods which work and drive results.
I tell it how it is and leave the manifesting to the people who believe in it
There are no hurdles to get over or blockages to unplug.

THIS IS REAL, it’s all about IGNITING your business with the twin drivers of business success.

CASH and PROFIT and their wise old Aunt, SUSTAINABILITY.

By working with you to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve, I develop your unique strategy for making your business better, to get you the real and tangible results you deserve.

It all starts with a free diagnostic call where we talk about you and your business.

If I can help then the offer I make to you may look like one of these:

A full six hour booking (tailored to your time pressures) where we get to the bottom of your business issues and discuss ways in which these can be addressed. You come away with a strategy document setting out your bespoke growth plan.
The value added element here is a full month of email support to make sure that your business gets its ignition to fire up.

This starts off with the same IGNITE VIP day but includes modularised sessions over the 90 days which are tailored to the needs of your business. These sessions will help your business grow while minimising the financial risks.

My most affordable package, my IGNITE LITE, is designed for the experienced entrepreneur who needs help with designing an income stream but has the knowledge and experience to implement it.

My packages start at £2,500 and can be tailored to meet your exact needs, please schedule a consultation to discuss the best option for you.  

I know your business time is precious to you which is why I run weekend and evening sessions (GMT).

Please also rest assured on two things – firstly your data is safe with me, spammers are one of my pet hates and secondly that I am not in the business of hassling people so if things only go as far as that consultation call, you won’t get any follow up calls.


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