I’m talking here about “liking” or “retweeting”. 

Lots of people like post on social media but what I’m interested in knowing is why?

Often I might like something as the “like” will act as a virtual book mark which I can go back to when I have more time to read the content or if it’s a friends post and I’ve got nothing to add it my like is a means of adding a bit of support and encouragement. 

I often like other people’s business pages so that their posts appear in my Facebook feeds. The trouble with this though is that Facebook is a money making entity for its owners and so they are now wise to most of the ways in which you can advertise for free so they change the way the posts appear in order to drive greater advertising revenue. 

Clever and for a business which is free to join an essential method to increase sales. 

So putting this in the context of a Facebook business page and the fact that I’m incurably curious my question is do you ever go further than liking the post? 

If not, why not?

What’s stopping you from engaging in a discussion? Offering up your opinion? 

Fear of being sold to?

Fear of being visible on social media?

Fear that your opinions will be ridiculed?

Just ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen…..

You are sold to – but have the fundamental right to say no or it’s not for me right now although I’m going to keep in touch by following. 

You’ve shown your hand on social media – yep, we’ve all got profiles but similarly there is a send me a message button on my Facebook page so you don’t have to put you head above the parapet in public. 

That’s not a valid opinion – well unless you are trolling or abusive I’ll let you into a little secret. 

Your opinion matters…..to me. 

Your opinion is valuable……to me. 

Your engagement is welcomed…..by me. 

I’m really interested in why you like a post and why you don’t. 

What’s not to “like”?

I don’t know – I’m waiting for you to tell me.