I can define what success means for me but can you?

When I was younger, before I started work I can remember walking through my local town with two friends, talking about what we wanted from our lives. 

We were all sixteen, waiting for O Level results and thought we had the world at our feet. 

One of my friends was in a fairly serious relationship and said that she wanted to marry her boyfriend and have kids. 

The other one wanted the same but didn’t have a clue as to when and wanted to get on the career ladder first. 

Not me, I wanted something different.  This was the 80’s and there was a white convertible car parked outside the wine bar we were walking past. “I want that” I said. 

“Yeah right” came the reply, “and how are you going to do that?”

Of course I didn’t have a clue other than a vague get good A Levels, get myself a good job and the car would materialise at some point along with the rest of the trappings of 80’s success, the flat, the nice holidays and so off to work I went. 

I had my vision of where I wanted to be, just not a clear path to follow. 

I chose to avoid going to university, despite having secured a place. I wanted financial independence and so I got myself a job. 

In the City. 

Home of the old boys club and glass ceiling. 

After a few false starts and a couple of years combining work with studying I came out the other side with experience and a degree to go with my lack of connections and ordinary background. 

So where has my vision got me?

Well I’ve got all the trappings of success, I’ve got the car (just not the white XR3i which was sat outside the winebar that night), the house, the nice holidays….and a tremendous amount of gratitude to everyone who has helped me along the way. 

I’ve also got the experience to help other people hone and achieve their own vision but in ways which minimise financial risks. 

You’ve heard how I defined success all those years ago and how that vision sustained me. 

Now I want to hear about your definition of success and how you are going to achieve it.