I have a confession. Nothing serious but something which is laughable to most people:

I have a phobia of having my picture taken 

There, I’ve said it. I’m not part of the selfie generation as I hate my photo taken, hate seeing the results even more and really hate the thought of what I’d look or sound like in a video clip. 

See, stupid isn’t it?? Most people love that sort of thing but not me, I’d run a mile. Or two. Or three. 

So to try to get me over this problem of mine I’ve embarked on a challenge set by a good friend of mine who is also very good at getting people to do things they would really rather not. 

You won’t see the results of this particular little challenge of mine but I might let you see my video series aimed at trying to explain why we should all protect ourselves against redundancy, poor pension returns and the wrong investment decisions. 

I’ve been keeping it under wraps until I feel comfortable enough to share it as I know my face will look wonky, my hair will be all wrong and I will be enormously fat (well I was also on holiday at the time) but that’s my phobia for you. 

I’ll pluck up the courage to share soon as I want to raise awareness that there are things you can do to protect yourselves against financial difficulties which may lie ahead.