I’m all for healthy competition but where do you draw the line?

A friend of mine, who will remain nameless, messaged me this morning about a scathing Trip Advisor review of her family restaurant, wondering what I thought about putting some comments on Facebook about it all.

Why make a fuss? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and very few restaurants can stay on top of their game all the time; and besides the restaurant in question has loads of lovely reviews about the atmosphere and service.

Well in this particular case there was more to it than someone not getting their meal quickly enough as it turned out the reviewer is a member of senior management at a regional brewery which has an establishment about a mile away.

Now I don’t know if this review was genuinely based on the writers experience in their personal capacity or whether it was made with the intention of bringing down the average score for my friends place but what I do know that IF the latter did happen to be the case then it is very poor form for a business which has over 120 establishments more than my friend and has been going over 180 years longer.

My suggestion was:
Don’t publish it on Facebook, it could backfire (see earlier post on libel)
Make a formal complaint to the company concerned
Bask in the backhanded compliment you have possibly just been paid by a business which should have bigger fish to fry

What would you have advised in the circumstances?