I honestly didn’t think the average City worker needed a further excuse to go out on the lash but, as I found out when popping out for a card and my lunch earlier, M&S clearly do.

There in front of me, on the top shelf of one of the sandwich gondolas (Retail speak for shelving unit….I know more about Retail than merely being able to shop ;o) ) was a new drinks range.

Well it wasn’t new as such in product terms but definitely new to me in where the products were being displayed, as there, keeping guard over the mixed sandwich / wrap / roll offers, were single serve beverages of an alcoholic nature.

I could have plumped for a glass of red, white or rose, a G&T or Cosmopolitan or if I thought I needed a little extra help to get me through a stressful afternoon, there were a glass and a bit sized screwcap bottles.

Now, I know the single sized unit of wine or a cocktail exists as I once fancied a glass of wine on my way down to Dorset on the train for a weekend and took a glass (or should that be a plastic disposable) of wine with me to have with the sandwich I bought and I’ve seen plenty of people imbibing on the train home on a Friday night, using it as a relaxing way to start the week and deal with the Friday return commute but this was the first time it had registered with me that they were on the shelves sitting alongside food more commonly bought at lunchtime.

I’m not here to encourage or condemn lunchtime or any othertime drinking, it’s a choice for the individual and I know that in the particular store I went into there aren’t going to be many underage drinkers, sneaking a can of M&S cosmo in alongside a packet of Percy Pigs but with Retail being a cross between the art of display and the psychology of getting us consumers to put our hands in our pockets the choice of display location did leave me feeling a little uneasy.

I’m just glad I didn’t spot an “I’m in the Meal Deal” sticker on them too!