One of the biggest ongoing themes which comes out of my business VIP sessions is consistency.

Most business owners are passionate about their business and what they do, none more so that the lady I was speaking to last night, but the daily grind can still get to you and we’re all human and have off days.

People accept that – why shouldn’t they? It’s only when you work for a particularly unreasonable employer that you get no leeway.

When you work for yourself, you are the face of your brand and therefore you HAVE to be consistent in what you do and the way you react.

For example, I was really saddened to see some poor reviews of a restaurant I like at the weekend. I know the guys in there are really hot on service and something went wrong on Saturday night. The resultant poor reviews are going to knock their confidence and could affect the outsiders view of their brand. All you can do is apologise publically, try to make things right and move on, learning from whatever events took place and hope for the best.

It’s a similar situation in any people business, be where you are when you say you will be, deliver what your brand and reputation promise and if you can’t try to keep the off days to a minimum as there might come a time when, regardless of how many people like and trust you, that goodwill slowly starts to ebb away.

My business VIP sessions are one to one discussions about what you do or sometimes what you want to do or achieve and are aimed at helping with clarity and strategy. Having worked with a variety of different sized companies in different sectors over the course of the last far too many years I’ve got a whole load of strategies up my sleeve which may boost your business, give you more ideas about where you can take it or help you avoid any costly mistakes.

As with everything I do, the initial discussion is free as I need to understand your business in order to assess whether I can help or not but I do like to provide value from this free session so even if we don’t take our discussions further you will have hopefully gained something from it.