Readers of my FB page will know that I’ve recently received some great customer service from a local retailer and one of its suppliers. As this post will bounce over there I won’t repeat myself but suffice to say, both the Women’s Society in Hertford and Gina Bacconi were awesome in The Case of the Missing Dress. The dress is still missing but thanks to them I am able to replace it.

As I like to give credit where credit is due I also need to name check Tommy Bahama. This is a name unfamiliar to the UK High Street but basically it retails sports, beach and activewear plus homeware and when I went to New York for Black Friday I was given $150 in vouchers to spend in January as they don’t get involved with the seasonal reductions.

Fabulous I thought, hurrah! The self imposed spending ban WON’T COUNT as I’m not spending any money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I logged on to their site last weekend to pick out a few bits and pieces as they ship to the UK and then went merrily on to apply my vouchers.

OOOPS! Voucher code invalid. The computer said no.

I had a bit of a rant as at no time did anyone tell me during the buying process that the vouchers were invalid outside the US or Canada yet there it was in black and white when I looked on the website that this, indeed, was the case.

I did have a brief flirtation with the idea of setting up a US postal address via one of these companies which take your parcels in and ships them over to you so that you benefit from any exchange rate differentials. They pay the import tax and duty so it would have been on the right side of the law but I was running out of time so I decided to email customer services at Tommy Bahama with my comments that this was all rather unfortunate and it really should have been made clear to me at the time that they can give me the vouchers but I couldn’t use them once  I got home.

It was really clear that I didn’t live Stateside as I was chattering away to the girl who served me about how I would break the spending ban.

An acknowledgement bounced over straight away and then I had a mail later that night to say my comments had been sent to the District Manager with responsibiilty for the store.

I wasn’t expecting much more than we’re really sorry and we’ll make sure that our sales team point out these are only valid in North America in future.

But no, I had a lovely email apologising for the mix up and whilst they can’t reinstate the vouchers as they are now past their expiry date so that I can see if this US postal address thing is worth it, all I have to do is to let them know the next time I am in the States and my vouchers will be valid in the nearest store to where I am staying.

I mentioned that I have a close family member who is ill at the moment so I don’t know what my plans are for this year but that won’t be a problem….

Go Tommy Bahama! I’m impressed and I thank you.