I’ve recently been set a daily challenge which is aimed at providing an uplifting start to the day.

On my walk to the office I am tasked with making eye contact, and then smiling at, at least one person.

Easy, isn’t it?

Go on, try it.

I’ve got just under a mile to cover which takes around 15 minutes and I’m walking through one of the most densely traversed business areas on Earth at around 7.20am which means that there aren’t masses of people around but enough to make this challenge happen…..

….or so you would think.

For days now I’ve walked through the streets and alleyways of the City of London with my head high, alert and looking around me all ready to engage as a smile, even a fleeting one makes us feel better doesn’t it and guess what?


People are far too preoccupied (or sneak a quick look and look away quickly as if embarrassed to make eye contact with anyone, least of all some kind of grinning idiot) to do this.

So it got me to thinking WHY????

I’ll offer up a few suggestions:
British and therefore not the done thing,
Very early in the morning and they aren’t really morning people,
Too preoccupied multi-tasking with their walk to work and their phone/text conversations,
Fear of engaging with the unknown as they don’t know what will happen next (nothing, I’m walking too)

And what you may ask is the effect on me?

Well it’s actually a good one, regardless of the engagement as one of the reasons I like living in the village I do is that it is so friendly.

Walk along the street there and people do stop to smile and say hello and it brightens my day.

Doing the same thing in the City of London may not get a response but at least I’ve got a good, positive intention, am putting into practice and I’m finding that it is an uplifting start to the day, even at the moment…….

(It’s World Cancer Day today – we’ll kick this Mum xx)