Another new phrase to categorise us has been coined to describe people who reside in a house worth a cool £1 million or more regardless of what actual cash they have sitting in the bank.

There has been research it seems and there are an estimated 400,000 currently sitting pretty.

Are you one of them?

If you are, how does it feel? Are you feeling rich and free with the ability to do what you want and when?

I thought not, it’s only a paper calculation after all and you don’t have access to the cash to spend.

Like the rest of us you might have an asset but you don’t have that freedom as you have to go to work to pay the mortgage, don’t you?

Sorry to put a further dampener on this but you aren’t even sitting on a million pound asset.

No, you aren’t as the definition of an asset is something you own or control which puts money in your pocket month after month rather than takes it out.

I can show you a number of routes to creating an income which you can build in your spare time, whilst you are working so that you aren’t taking a risk on giving up your job and entering a brave new world before you have the resources in place to fund your lifestyle and there are ways in which you can use property to generate that.


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