If you want the answer as to why am I bothering with setting myself on a journey towards financial freedom and why I would like as many people to join me as possible, the answer is actually multifaceted.

There are a number of reasons but here is the really important one to me today, right now.

I’m stuck in an office in Central London at a PC quickly jotting my thoughts down whilst holding back tears as this “why” is really important to me and was the biggest cataylst for this change I’m bringing into my life.

My Mum has cancer.

My Mum, the life long non-smoker and virtual teetotaller who cooked all our meals from scratch when I was growing up is currently stuck inside a tube in hospital having a scan to find out if her stage 4 lung cancer diagnosed 15 months ago has moved to her brain as she has had a series of episodes recently which have scared her into thinking it has progressed.

I should be there, I want to be there but I can’t be there as I didn’t know until I got a text from my Dad just now telling me they were at the hospital and she was having a scan. Even if I left right now,¬† probably wouldn’t get there until they were on their way back home.

All I knew is that she was due to go back to the GP today for some blood test results as my Mum is stoic like that. She wouldn’t have wanted to make a fuss and wouldn’t have wanted either my brother or I to have skipped work to be there with her as she underestimates her own importance.

I started down this road so that I could be there for her when she needed me, to help with the housework, take her to appointments, step in to give my Dad a break and so far we’ve been lucky, very lucky.

She had a bit of a bumpy start and needed two drains from her heart and lungs before she started on chemo, then when she did she seemed to effortlessly deal with the side effects of the poisons being pumped into her system every month.

When the chemo completed she was told it was good news, nothing much left but a lesion and what they thought were cancerous spots elsewhere were not so we all relaxed back into the pattern of life.

And now she’s back there and I’m stuck here and I can do absolutely NOTHING to help.