For some reason, possibly as I have a website about minimising the financial risks from your future, I have recently started to get a regular supply of junk emails wanting to sell me protection insurance of some form or another.


1) Unsolicited mails like this are really annoying especially as these don’t seem to be going into my spam folder
2) I’ve got no intention of buying anything like this as I personally don’t think they are worth the time and effort.

There are six principal ways of protecting yourself from redundancy and the subsequent perils of the job market and whilst I talk about the pros and cons a bit more in my webinar, they can be summarised as:

1) Start your own unique business but with a view towards this being as automated as possible so you don’t have to be there full time.
2) Start your own business with a franchise and similarly set it up so that you don’t have to be there on a full time basis.
3) Invest in property so that you have an asset generating you an income
4) Invest in the stock market so that you have an asset generating an income
5) Build a network marketing business
6) Build a business based around afflilate income

Which one of these options – or indeed a combination of options – lights you up?