I love property programmes on TV. Partly as I’m fascinated with different properties and the different values (not the monetary ones!) people place on them and partly simply because I’m interested in other people which includes what they do with their home and why.
So today I’ve been watching A Place In The Sun which was set in Costa Rica and centred on a woman’s quest to change her life. You didn’t get much of the backstory but my suspicion is that she wanted to try something new before it was too late and so had decided that a tropical paradise with amazing Eco credentials was for her.
There was no end result to the programme as it was one of those which left her final decision hanging in the air whilst she went back to the UK and decided what to do next but one of the must haves for her property was to gave sufficient space to use it to generate an income.
If you’ve watched my webinar you will have seen that this is the way you turn turn your home from a liability which costs you cash into an income generating asset but I got the impression that it was the only way under consideration for this lady to make her dream her new reality.
It really isn’t a bad idea at all despite the fact that some of us might baulk at having paying strangers stay in our home!
If you want to follow a dream there are always ways for you to make it happen if you want that dream badly enough.