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Being away last week meant that I missed out on the news that the Swiss National Bank had decided to unpeg the Swiss Franc from the Euro.

Why did it matter?

Well, more technical people than me will be able to give you a long explanation of what it means for the Swiss economy and the Eurozone so I’ll spare you the detail but suffice to say that it has had a real effect on people here.

That’s right! Because of a decision made in Switzerland that had very little to do with the UK economy, people here are on the point of losing their jobs.

It is a horrible feeling, one that I know only too well when a former employer went bust due to two catestrophic mistakes.

You’ve got no idea what will happen next, no idea what you should be doing as a priority, do you go out to find something else quickly to plug the potential hole in your earnings and if so will ANYTHING do and if it will can YOU be the successful candidate?

The safe cosy rug of employment is pulled from underneath your feet through no fault of your own.

Due to the effects of the shock announcement by the Swiss, UK foreign exchange broker Alpari has gone into administration and my heart goes out to anyone who works there as I know how they are feeling right now.

The lucky ones will have savings to fall back on for a couple of months or sufficient contacts to help get them into another job within a few weeks, the unlucky ones will wake up every day to the search for a new job and I wish them all the luck in the world in their search.

The luckiest of all won’t be worrying too much as they will have the sort of redundancy protection only hardwork can buy – an alternative income stream which will protect them from the fear of what happens next.