Yup I’m sitting waiting to board a plane.

I’ll be doing the same thing next week too.

I think air travel is the most boring way to travel, ever. It’s the time everything takes, the need to be there with hours to spare, the sitting around waiting.

Just waiting.

You get on the plane and then have to sit there waiting to get to the destination airport. Arrrggghhh!!!

I get so many people say that it must be exciting to travel for work.

Please believe me when I say it’s not.

You see an airport, the inside of a plane, another airport, a hotel room, you do what you are there for and the process reverses.

Where’s the excitement?

You can substitute a plane for a train, tube, bus or car. The effect is the same. They are all just modes of transport to take you somewhere where you will trade your time for money.

If you aren’t looking forward to your next commute why don’t you get in touch? We can spend half an hour chatting about your dreams and at the end of it I’ll give you a new life strategy.