I’m thinking about fears and comfort zones today and what is that pushes us way outside of it from time to time.
Since I had my big moment where I thought “enough is enough” – I’ll share this with you another time – I’ve stepped right out of my personal comfort zones as I realised that for me the path to financial freedom was by making a difference to other people.

I’m not talking about a one time “this is what I do” type route.

There is risk in that which isn’t for me.

No. I’m talking about a selection of routes which, over the coming few weeks I’ll start sharing with you.

So, how does this tie into comfort zones?

Images, pictures, videos.

I am scared of having my picture taken to the point I will completely avoid it, haven’t taken part in the selfie craze and so you will see very very few pictures of me.

Except on my business Facebook page as I put aside my fear of looking weird with a lopsided face, of inadvertently showing off my rather high forehead, of having people sneer or laugh.


Because being able to make a difference to other people is HUGELY important to me, but none of us respond to an anonymous blog or Facebook page.

So in the way that you’ll often find people with a fear of heights doing charity skydives putting my picture up (and it gets worse than that – videos are coming) is MY equivalent.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently way outside my comfort zone doing things I wouldn’t have dreamed of but it’s all in the name of helping people be able to have a financially comfortable retirement or to give them the escape route from the 9-5 or help them with the means to fulfil their dreams but not suffer financially because of it.

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