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What if I were to make you a hypothetical offer?

In this offer I will sell you a vending machine for £1,000 which will dispense drinks for £1 each. You will earn 35p for every drink sold.

So would you like one of my machines?

No? Not a problem. I like you, you are good company and I wouldn’t want to lose you as a friend so let’s leave this offer to one side for now. If you choose to come back to it sometime in the future I would love to tell you more about it.

Not sure about it? That’s fine. Some people like the idea, some don’t.

What would you say though if I were to offer to maintain and finance the entire stock for the machine for you, without charge? I’ll even throw in lifetime maintenance of the machine so that you will never ever have to pay for a repair.

Does that sound more of a deal to you?

Shall I sweeten the deal with offering to collect the sales proceeds for you, count them for you, send you a monthly report as well as your monthly cheque for all those 35 pences?

Did I tell you that the machine comes with an unlimited ability to collect commissions on sales from an unlimited number of machines, anywhere in the world?

You don’t need to buy them though, the deal is you buy one machine and then help me find the sites for all those other machines which you are going to collect a commission on.

So, in return for you buying one machine, you get 35p for every drink sold from your machine, a commission on the sales for the new sites you find as well as a small commission on each drink sold from the machines on your new sites and I will arrange for the machines to be stocked and maintained, for all the money to be collected and for your share to be sent directly to you and for a report to be compiled showing the value of your vending machine sites.

Do you like the sound of that better?

Would it seal the deal if I told you that the actual cost of the machine was hypothetical but the offer isn’t?

It’s just one route by which YOU can use to reach financial freedom.

You would become part of a retail distribution business and build your own network, selling real products to real people.

No scheme, no scam, just method of wealth creation which is within your grasp.

If you would like your own “vending machine”, please contact me so that I can tell you a bit more to enable you to decide if it’s a route which is right for you.