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I was going to start this blog post with a quote from “My Way”, you know the line where Frank Sinatra (or Elvis or Sid Vicious, you choose) croons “Regrets, I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention” until I realised that I actually don’t have that many regrets which are solely down to me because even though like most people I’ve made mistakes I know that any decision I’ve made in life felt right at the time I made it and would have been made for the right reason at that time.

Regrets which are down to issues I can’t always control are different though and here I’m talking about the need to balance differing obligations. In 2013 and 2014 I had a few situations where I was morally obliged to be places when I really felt like I should be elsewhere else which ranged from being with family when they needed support to wanting to be at the gym to help with my recurring resolution to get fitter and lose weight to simply wanting time out to be at home as I felt tired, sick and in need of a bit of rest and recouperation.

But, rather than dwell on such things, I do tend to try to turn disappointments or negatives into positives which is why I’m thinking that the best resolutions for the New Year come from past regrets.

Australian inspirational speaker, Bronnie Ware, talks about the five regrets of the dying based on her experience as a hospice nurse but I firmly believe that life is for living and so as we enter into a New Year can I suggest that you think about what regrets you may currently have regardless of whether it feels like something massive or fairly trivial and use these regrets to drive you on to make your resolutions for change?

Rather than a vague commitment to give up smoking, be a nicer person or walk 10,000 steps a day if you have a personal experience to look back on every time you feel like giving up it may help stiffen your resolve and keep you on track.

If your change involves freeing up your time away from the 9~5, creating financial freedom so that you can you go off and do something which means the world to you or if it is as simple as wanting to establish a career but you think potential employers won’t be interested in taking you on for whatever reason, these are all issues I can help with so please do connect.

Let’s turn your regrets into a resolution to change your life for the better!