Well, for most people I know the working day isn’t a 9~5 one and hasn’t been for years (thanks Blackberry…ever wonder why you are so unloved?) but now CNN have reported on the fact that the standard working day may well soon become a thing of the past as workers seek more freedom in both how they manage their career and their lives.
The theory behind this is that you have a bunch of talented professionals who know their worth but also know what they are good at and want to stick to it rather than diversify their skills in areas they would rather not….and a business which wants to hire but because they may need to hire a couple of people in specific areas they don’t want to take on a lot of people due to the cost to employ.
So, you get new employment trends emerging, a rebellion against the steady 8/9 hour working days and job security of the baby boomer generation if you like, where people question corporate loyalty as there is no such thing as job security any more and definitely no final salary pension schemes as a “reward” for 30~40 years of service.
People have already started jumping around the job market than was the case 20~30 years ago and now trends are emerging where specialisms are increasingly outsourced so that the specialists get more flexibility and the employer hasn’t got to take on a permanent employee with the additional costs that entails.
This could mean an increase in freelancers but therein lies the risk of what happens in the downtime? How would you support yourself if there is a long lead in time to your next project?
The savviest amongst us who choose to be part of this new working trend will ensure they have covered off this risk and built an income stream which works for them by giving them the freedom they need to choose when to work on a freelance contract and the comfort that they have money coming in so that they can pick and choose the contracts which matter to them.
It’s not an easy path to get started on but once you have built up that comfort income stream it is definitely a rewarding and satisfying one.
Are you ready to be part of the latest workplace trend?