My heart goes out today to anyone working for Lloyds Banking Group as the bank us tax payers have supported through the worst of the financial crisis has announced plans to make ANOTHER 9,000 people redundant in an effort to balance its own books. This is 9,000 IN ADDITION to the 33,000 jobs cut over the last few years.

That is an awful lot of people to be laid off and effects more as there will be knock on effects on their families and anyone whose services they may use such as a cleaner or gardener or gym as belts may have to be tightened if the job holder can’t get something else straight away or has to take a pay cut.

The reasoning, according to Lloyds, is the changing face of banking with less need for a branch and more for IT experts to run online platforms for internet and smartphone applications but when there is problem, nothing beats being able to speak to a human being.

You never know, this could see a massive reaction from disgruntled clients and then where will the bank be?

Whatever happens to Lloyds, some 9,000 of its people are facing a potentially bleak future; at least in the short term. My advice here for anyone faced with this is to start thinking about your skill set and experience. When you work in banking you feel that is all you know and therefore all you can do but it’s not, trust me on this one. You need to take a long, cold look at that CV and what your job has enabled you to do as there is plenty you can bring to the table for a new employer.

For example:
Do you work well as part of a team?
Have you regularly led or managed a team?
Do you work well under pressure?
Is your role customer facing?
Do you have analytical qualities?
Are you able to make quick but balanced decisions?

People look for all sorts of qualities when they are hiring and just because your CV might not tick a box or two it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for a specific job.

Part of what I focus on these days is minimising financial risk. This isn’t selling financial products but looking at ways in which you can minimise your lifestyle risks should you be unfortunate enough to be in the same position as the Lloyds 9,000 and I will always take the time to chat to someone who maybe interested in working with me as I like to get to know the person rather than just read what they have put on paper as words can be dressed up but its easy to work out if someone is literate, personable, hard working, driven to succeed and self motivated.

I guess my message today is if you are one of the Lloyds 9,000, or indeed anyone else in that position, please take a good, hard look at your skill base as there is plenty you can do with the experience you’ve got….and, most importantly, don’t lose heart.