I’m not talking waistlines here but referring to a new and, if you fall into this category, worrying trend from the States that the game is up career wise once you are in your thirties and forties.

It’s not because this age group can’t or won’t perform at the top level, nor is it because of a whole generation of superbrain twentysomethings ruthlessly climbing the greasy pole that is a corporate career ladder. It’s down to the simple fact that there are less top tier jobs to go round.

It’s a massive risk for the generation who are arguably at the height of their earning power and probably towards the zenith of their expenditure commitments as to feel you are on a hamster wheel of hard work without the prospect of promotion recognition is soul destroying.

If you are in that position it’s just too much of a risk to move away from the wheel and that culture without having something to fall back on as an alternative source of income.

It’s also a risk to take your foot off the pedal to not work quite as hard as redundancies remain a fact of life so you need to continue the momentum to try to protect your income.

There’s a saying that when America sneezes, Europe catches a cold so don’t think we’ll be isolated in the UK.
Jobs in most sectors, particularly at a level commensurate to years of experience and hard work, are hard to come by and this may only get worse.

It’s a risk to us all.

Do you have your protection in place to mitigate it??